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Behaviour ethics, the company wisely managed, profits sought to be reinvested, to give satisfaction to the shareholders, to provide direct or indirect assistance in the local territory. These are the key words that depict Eurosuole as a socially committed enterprise, that cares for the problems of the surrounding context.

Human relationships are for sure the most important value. This means the absolute care for everybody who day and night has contributed to the company’s success. Employees can be Italian or foreign, here is the art of fair relationships, of highly respected agreements and contracts, the ability of keeping an environment where friendship is a great thing.

Products’ typologies and customers’ dimensions have never made a particular distribution chain necessary. Company’s vocation has been focused on the Italian market since the beginning, in particular on large quantities customers. Great attention for Italiandistricts like Veneto, Tuscany, Puglia, Lombardy, Marche, in its essence of strong brands and famous names in the shoe industry. Directly or indirectly during the years a 20-25% of the production has crossed national boundaries. In this global world, far off markets are not easy to reach, especially those which are four or five weeks away.

Everyday problems, an unfair and unruly competition and a future that is not clear push us to go ahead, to raise the braveness of rebellion, to believe more and more in the company, feeling sure that a constant investment in the new and irresistible fashion of Made in Italy will force near and far competitors to a strenuous pursuit, andbelieving that the fate will be adverse for them as it was in “Turandot” for the Prince of Persia.

Thanks to all the associations (AVIS, ANFAS, PARS, CROCE VERDE) for all that has been received in terms of human values. These values have always represented an energetic input to continue the company management.

Eurosuole, a concrete contribution to your success.